Night Custodian

Night Custodian

Job Title: Night Custodian
Department: Non-Nursing
Hours: Full Time
Facility: Manor Nursing Home
Salary: $15/hr

Position Overview:

Responsible for campus-wide cleaning and upkeep and first responder to emergencies.  Performs routine custodial duties as assigned.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Daily and weekly general cleaning of facility.
  • Dust all tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, lamps/light fixtures, wall vents, handrails, ceiling fans, baseboards, and blinds.
  • Daily cleaning of bathrooms, offices and common areas.
  • Monthly cleaning of screens & windows inside and out in offices and common areas or as needed.
  • Cleaning floors and carpets, mopping and vacuuming as needed, carpet extraction and stain removal, following proper floor care procedures.
  • Reports to Director of Ancillary Services if supplies are low.
  • Informs the Director of Ancillary Services immediately of any malfunction of equipment or any hazardous condition.
  • Adheres to all established safety regulations; demonstrates safe and proper techniques for chemical/cleaning solution use, stocking housekeeping carts, and equipment usage.
  • Stripping/waxing floors as scheduled.
  • Coverage of Communication Center.
  • Assists in removal of snow as a member of the snow team.

Basic Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for adherence to cleaning schedules.
  • Checks sofas, tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, lamps/light fixtures, wall vents, handrails, ceiling fans, baseboards, and blinds.
  • Keep equipment clean; set-up for following usage.
  • Trash removal.
  • Attend all required meetings, in-services, or special trainings.
  • First responder to emergency situations on campus.
  • Escort emergency personnel on campus and assist as directed.
  • Follows instructions of the fire and disaster plans.
  • Check fire panels.
  • All others as assigned by supervisor.

Education required:

  • High school diploma/ GED required for this position.
  • Ability to read and write is required.
  •  Valid Driver’s License is required.

Experience required:

  • We could expect it to take around one month of on the job experience to satisfactorily perform this job.
  • Some specialized training in chemical handling may also be required.


  • Exposure to the following may be present in this position:
    • Blood-borne pathogens
    • Infectious body fluids/waste
    • Disinfectants and cleaners.
  • MSDS sheets are available for all chemicals used.

Equipment Used:

  • Vacuum cleaner, extractor.
  • Ladders (if over age 18).

 Working Conditions:

  • Weekends & holidays may be required as needed.
  • Work conditions for this position may include the following: Inside, humid, dusty, dirty, odors, adequate lighting/ventilation, working with/around others, and working alone.

Physical Demands:

  • Some lifting required (~25lbs,@ 5% of time).
  • ~10lbs, @5% of time.
  • <5lbs, throughout the day
  • Constant walking, hearing, seeing, lifting, reaching, bending, talking, and maintenance of an appropriate working speed are required for this position.

Personal Protective Equipment & Uniform Requirements:

  • Gloves: To be worn when working with chemicals and potentially dangerous substances           (blood ,waste, etc)
  • Safety Glasses: Worn when using substances that could potentially injure eyes.
  • Shoes:  Comfortable, no open toe

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must be able to communicate with residents, staff, and the families of residents.
  • Task centeredness, punctuality, and a pleasant demeanor are beneficial to successful performance in this position.
  • Bethany Village photo I.D.

The description is intended to provide a summary of the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position and shall not be considered an exhaustive listing of all the work requirements.

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