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Courtyards Admission

The admission process into The Courtyards at Bethany Village is quite simple. Below we have listed the steps in the process and have also made some of the forms that you will need available for download.

Fill out and submit application
Once approved, RN assessment needed
Once approved, doctor appointment needed to fill out the 3122 and to have a PPD test done  (both must be done within 30 days of move-in)
Pick out a room
Bring in copies of all medical cards, prescription cards, Medicare/Medicaid cards – front and back
Call Cable Company to turn cable on in your room (give them advance notice)
Moving Day – sign paperwork and move right in.

Please use the links below to view and print the documents below to help the move in process into The Courtyards at Bethany Village.

Courtyards Application
Form 3122
CY Advanced Directives
Move In Checklist