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Adult Day Club

What is the Adult Social Day Club:


The Day Club is a program of structured activities designed for adults in the community who may require supportive care.  The Day Club provides social interaction and stimulating recreational activities.  It also provides a secure, pleasant and home-like atmosphere, which

promotes independence and self-esteem.  The program offers caregivers an opportunity to pursue employment or enjoy some needed respite, while offering the reassurance that a loved one is being cared for during the day by caring and professional staff.


Who Can Benefit From the Day Club:




· With some memory loss or confusion.

· Who are functionally impaired and may require some assistance with activities of daily living.

· Who are socially isolated or require some supervision and who would benefit from being part of a group setting. 

· Whose caregiver is employed outside of the home.

· Whose caregiver needs an occasional break from caregiving.

· Whose caregiver at home experiences difficulties finding consistent, reliable help.


What Type of Services and Activities are Available


· Program supervision by a Professional Nurse

· Exercise program geared for adults

· Medication supervision

· Stimulating recreational activities

· Socialization with their peers

· Nutritious lunch and snacks

· Community outings

· Assistance in arranging for other community services

· Caregivers Support Group